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The Musical Brain and Other Stories

Fiction by César Aira

Translated by Chris Andrews

The author of at least eighty novels, most of them no more than 96 pages long, César Aira has been called “the author who can’t be stopped” by the New York Review of Books. The Musical Brain & Other Stories is the first collection of his stories to appear in English and comprises twenty tales about oddballs, freaks, and crazies. Aira, with his fuga hacia adelante or “flight forward” into the unknown, gives us imponderables to ponder and bizarre and seemingly out-of-context plot lines to consider, as well as thoughtful and passionate takes on everyday reality. The title story, published in the New Yorker, is the enterpiece of this exhilarating collection of characters, places, and ideas—the crème de la crème of Aira’s many short stories.

RRP $39.99, available in-store now. New Directions Publishing